CALAEXPRES199 (October 2020)

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  • * Ivory Coast: youth trained in active and non-violent participation in the electoral process
  • * Ethiopia: awareness campaign on protective measures against COVID-19
  • DRC: capacity building for children
  • * Rwanda: children equipped on COVID-19
  • * Tanzania: promoting the right to play and leisure


* Ivory Coast: youth trained in active and non-violent participation in the electoral process

Thirty-five young leaders from communities, religious, customary and traditional associations, were trained on the theme « the active and non-violent participation of youth in the electoral process to consolidate peace « . They were trained in partnership with the national coordination of the AWCY of Côte d’Ivoire during a session that was organized in Grand Bassam by the Chalom Network for Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation (REST-COR). The training enabled participants to know the different stages of the electoral process and to sensitize political actors and their militants to work for a peaceful and smooth electoral process. The training also created a platform managed by AWCY to train, inform and sensitize party leaders and their militants to attain a peaceful election.

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* Ethiopia: awareness campaign on protective measures against COVID-19

In the three communities (Chew Berenda, St. Michael communities in Addis Ababa and Wonji Shewa community in Nazaret), the AWCY of Ethiopia conducted awareness campaigns on protective measures against COVID- 19 both in Addis Ababa and in the Adama region. During the campaigns, community discussions took place on the impact of COVID-19 on WCY, the role of concerned government offices, CSOs and the community as a whole with the view to better protect vulnerable children and youth against the ongoing pandemic. Greater emphasis were placed on the role of girls and young women in the frontlines in the fight against covid-19 in their respective communities.

The campaign reached more than 1000 children and youth, including street children and WCY. The focus was on COVID-19 security protocols and especially the wearing of nasal mask. At the end of the activity, nasal masks, hand sanitizers and posters designed by the AWCY were distributed. As a sustainability strategy, the AWCY organized advocacy and communication meetings involving local government authorities, WCY, community actors and a CSO representative and during which discussions focused on how to strengthen the existing child protection network to make it more accessible to all needy children.

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DRC: capacity building for children

From 10 to 12 September 2020, a total of 22 children, including 16 boys and 6 girls, were trained in identifying vulnerable communities and to popularize barrier gestures and in manufacturing hydro-alcoholic gel. These children came from different AWCY including Bukavu, Goma, Nyiragongo, Baraka Fizi, Kibabi, Minova, Kamanyola, Kalonge, Beni, Butembo.

Organized by the  NCAWCY-DRCunder the financial support of Ignite and the technical support of the African League of Youth Without Borders, the workshop equipped the participating children with the knowledge of identifying vulnerable communities and popularizing barrier gestures. They have also been trained in manufacturing hydro-alcoholic gel which is now an IGA for WCY, especially since the gel is highly needed during this period of COVID-19. This can help them earn additional income.

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* Rwanda: children equipped on COVID-19

Thirty children including 22 girls and 8 boys from different communities in the city of Kigali took part in a consultative meeting on the prevailing situations during and after the Covid-19 confinement on the theme: « Children and Covid-19« . Among others, the common views of children included: the lack of knowledge about Covid-19; stigma and fake news surrounding the pandemic; the need for special protection; the involvement of children in adult work such as construction and domestic work; increase in the number of street children; teenage pregnancies due to lack of education on Sexual and Reproductive Health Right (SHR), etc.

In order to curb the spread of Covid-19, children advocated for measures such as: continuing to defend the interests of children with the government and other international organizations working in favor of children by using the media as a source of information to educate the community on the impact of Covid-19; help children with adequate materials and means to protect them from the pandemic and encourage them to carry the awareness message to their peers and the community in order to contain COVID -19.  A total of 150 posters with a key messages such as: « Together, let’s fight Covid-19 » which were produced by CVT, were posted in different corners of the city with the aim of raising awareness among citizens especially children, about the impact of Covid-19 and how the community should behave to protect children from the threat of the pandemic.

The children urged different institutions and public organizations to heed the call of street children to wear protective masks and use other products that can help them to be safe. Journalists from different broadcast channels such as: Voice of America, Flash TV, Flash Radio, Isango TV, Contact TV, Contact Radio, Kigali today and, collected children’s opinions and pledged to continue promoting their points of view, which are the foundation of the rights and well-being of the child.

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* Tanzania: promoting the right to play and leisure

Having understood the role of play in children’s development, CYVC, with the support of IGNITE through ENDA/MAEJT, built a playground in the « Salei Primary school » in Arusha and equipped it with play toys such as balloons. This created a huge impact because many children are now attending school regularly and they have free time to play and have fun. In its mission to promote the rights of the child, Children and Youth Voice Coalition (CYVC) considers the right to play and leisure to be one of the most important and essential rights for the development of the mind of children, of their physical strength and well-being.

In fact, at home as well as at school, play allows children to have self-confidence and develop good interaction between themselves and also helps them to engage fully with their parents or teachers. This is so, because by following rules and regulations, play in homes and schools can help increase children’s attention and improve their educational performance. In some cases moreover, dropping out of school can be forestalled by providing free time for children to participate in different sports and games that prevents them from interacting with dangerous groups.

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