Our Vision

All African children must be born and grow in good conditions and enjoy their full rights to thrive, and at the same time be able to help their communities to develop harmoniously in peace and in a favorable environment.

Our Mission


 Inform, educate, empower, protect, and accompany vulnerable children especially working and youth to realize their dreams in Africa

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Empower ourselves and build our capacities to stand up for our rights

Fatoumatta and Isha

Raise the voice of working children and youth with authorities and decision-makers to promote and respect their rights

Mariam Sidibé

The core of our advocacy

AMWCY is a rights-based, Pan-African, child and youth focused network with over more than a million members across 28 countries working to empower working children and youth to act and engage in their own development. Our 12 rights form the basis of our advocacy from which our mission is derived.

Right to read and write

Right to express oneself

Right to be taught a trade

Right to play and leisure

Right to healthcare

Right to be listened to


Right to rest when in sickness
Right to work in safety

Right to be respected
Right to stay in the village

Right to light and limited work

Right to equitable justice

Our Structure

MAEJT currently operates in 28 countries throughout Africa, primarily in West Africa and has an estimated 270,955 active members. Members are organised first into ‘grass-roots’ groups based on location or vocation, and they work together to address issues that affect them and the children and youth around them. Groups are further organised into regional and national associations. A general assembly meets every three years, bringing together association representatives from each country. These gatherings are an opportunity for members to review their activities and make guidelines for the following years.

The majority of MAEJT members are children under the age of 18 and more than half of the members are girls. To ensure that the movement remains child-led, all new members must be under 18 and once a member reaches the age of 24 they must transition out of leadership positions.

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Our Work in Action